6yr Outdated Unique Demands Pupil Bruised, Handcuffed in Georgia


A specific needs kid in Georgia was placed in handcuffs at his elementary college right after he began to act out, and now a neighborhood is angry more than what it sees as discipline going overboard.

The child’s mother, LaKaisha Reid, was outraged that her six-yr-previous son was disciplined in what she deemed to be an inappropriate method. It was her husband who was called by a school official at Pine Ridge Elementary and asked to come to the campus, writes Tracy Bloom of KTLA-Television.

“We go into the college, a gentleman takes us back, I hear my son yelling. He’s screaming,” Reid stated.

When they linked to their son, Patrick, they noticed bruises on his wrists as a result of being handcuffed.

“It hurts when I touch it proper there,” Patrick told the Television station, WXIA in Atlanta.

Given that her child is a particular requirements student, Reid was astonished that her son, who was running into walls, banging his head on the table, and putting his own health at threat, was restrained by a college resource officer who explained that he felt he was utilizing the handcuffs to protect Patrick. Reid said that she was sharing the story hoping to inspire schools to train teachers how to handle scenarios like this 1.

Jeremy Campbell of WXIA explained that the Stone Mountain school in the Dekalb County College District near Atlanta, Georgia, launched a statement regarding the event. The determination, stated school officials, was manufactured because the little one was acting in a disruptive manner and ran out of college onto a occupied, public street along with 3 of the school’s employees members who have been trying to corral him. When he was secured, he was place in a area with the school resource officer, a particular education instructor, and the college counselor. The officials say that for an hour the student scratched, kicked, and hit school staff and exhibited behavior that was self-destructive. When the college technique was asked by a reporter regardless of whether they would have handled the situation in the same way in hind sight, the reply was that the school has protocols, but each occasion is unique.

Nonetheless, Reid explained that she was qualified to take care of disruptive special demands children and did not agree with the decision to use handcuffs on her little one, reports Tom Boggioni writing for Raw Story.

“They need to have to have police officers that are skilled for special demands little ones or for any youngsters that are that age. That’s fairly youthful for handcuffs. Anything at all can occur with these handcuffs on him,” she said.

When asked if there was an appropriate circumstance when handcuffs might be employed on children, Reid replied, “Yeah, if they have been robbing a financial institution.”

And, in Gainesville, Georgia, an 11-yr-old boy was handcuffed after a college resource officer mentioned the fifth grader kicked him during a tantrum, according to WSB-Television. The boy’s father, a Forsyth County guy, wants some solutions as to why his son, who has autism disorder, was taken care of in this method. Hunt Archbold of Patch, says that the Gainesville Police Division verified that the officer was following process. But the boy’s dad mentioned:

“My biggest concern is the extreme use of force on an eleven-year-outdated, specially an eleven-year-previous who it is been established has specific demands.”

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