A recipe for excellent teachers, absence guidance and hidden charges of schooling

Good week for

Wonderful teachers. A new report from The Sutton Believe in, which seems at what educating methods operate and how teachers ought to be assessed, has discovered that well-known approaches, this kind of as lavishing praise on pupils and encouraging students to learn important concepts for themselves, might be hazardous.

Pupil absences. The National Association of Head Teachers will concern new guidelines for college leaders about on what constitutes an “exceptional circumstances” in which young children can miss college.

Negative week for

School Direct. The rise of School Direct has had a considerable affect on universities’ potential to provide instructor coaching and is triggering a shortage in Stem teachers, in accordance to a new report from Universities Uk. David Green, vice chancellor of the University of Worcester, has written an exciting response here.

The price of college. A Children’s Commission on Poverty inquiry has located that households are struggling with the hidden fees of sending their kids to school. A lot of have been forced to get out loans and are struggling to get money collectively for uniforms and finding out materials.

What you are saying

We asked you to share your half term antics with us this week, and a lot of you have obliged with everything from baking to basking in the autumnal sun. Teacher Jackie Schneider’s snap was notably scrumptious, making mincemeat and steaming her Christmas pudding. Yum!

Photograph of the week

Sticking with our half term theme, this beautiful picture from Mrs Clark properly sums up what the break is about – time with household and great guide.

The week in numbers

A Nationwide Audit Office report located that there are 1.6 million pupils in England who are even now not obtaining a good education and a failure to deal with below-doing colleges.

A new report from the NSPCC has exposed a worrying increase in unhappiness between young folks in Britain. Youngster Line held 34,517 counselling sessions in 2013-14 with young children who talked about suicidal ideas – a 116% enhance considering that 2010-11.

If you are a university graduate from a personal college you’re likely – on regular – to earn 1000’s of pounds far more than a state-educated peer.

As an alternative of becoming indoors viewing Tv, children prefer to play outside in accordance to the parents and young children surveyed by Eureka Children’s Museum in West Yorkshire. 81% of respondents mentioned kids desire time outside.

Dates to don’t forget

Remembrance Sunday is on 9 November, commemorating Armistice Day, which falls on Tuesday 11 November. It is also World Diabetes Day on Friday 14 November.

Sources for you

Much more than 16 million folks died throughout the first planet world. Discover how the act of remembrance produced with this stunning gallery.
Uncover how obesity raises fatty acid levels which can result in diabetes.
Educate younger students about senses in animals and people.
Ask pupils to determine a assortment of diverse occupations making use of these colourful illustrations.

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Quote of the week

“Curled cup like a cat with a wobbly pile of unread books” – this sounds like heaven to me. Thanks for sharing your half phrase activities with us Alex Seaford.

  • If you are concerned about a child, you can motivate them to contact ChildLine anonymously on 0800 1111 or direct them to the website www.childline.org.united kingdom. If you’re an adult concerned about a kid you can contact the NSPCC’s helpline 0808 800 5000 for guidance and help.

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