Background Channel, Univ of Oklahoma Companion for Online Program


The History Channel has partnered with the University of Oklahoma to generate a Tv-network branded on the web course that will carry university credit score.

The course, “United States, 1865 to the Present,” will get location as an interactive on-line course lasting for 16 weeks that will contain all the traditional history course classwork, this kind of as lectures, discussion group, social interactions amongst college students and professor and quizzes, and also some supplemental multimedia components from the Historical past Channel.

“I think it’s a great way of combining the abilities of the History Channel… with the intellectual rigors of a school class,” explained University of Oklahoma professor Steve Gillon, who will teach the class.

In accordance to Gillon, students will full their coursework although making use of the Historical past Channel archives.  Gillon makes use of the instance of a two-week section of the course which focuses on the 1960s, stating that college students will understand about John F. Kennedy by means of class readings whilst simultaneously becoming ready to observe clips from coverage of his 1963 assassination.

“Television networks have the point we do not have in the academy, which are the pictures,” Gillon explained. “As professors, it’s actually challenging for us to do these things simply because there is all these rights issues.”

The program will be taught via the interactive learning platform Janux, produced by OU.  The platform enables students to full the course at any time, in any location.

Students will shell out just $ 500 for the course, a significantly less costly course than even some local community college offerings, even permitting college students who do not attend the University to take element. High school students looking to get a jump on their school careers can do so cheaply, and a reduced rate of $ 250 applies for lifelong learners.  The course will earn participants three transferable credits.

“This course, combining the greatest in schooling and entertainment, brings with each other the sources and talents of a flagship state university and a national tv network to current new ways of understanding about the previous,” Gillon mentioned. “With this program, we hope to spark the imagination of a new generation of college students, ignite their interest in the review of history, and inspire them to understand more about how the past shapes the globe we reside in nowadays.”

Enrollment began final week with the first course officially starting next semester on January twelve, 2015.  The University hopes to offer you added programs of a equivalent nature in the close to long term.

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