Correspondence in between William Vahey and Southbank International

1. Edited extracts from William Vahey’s application letter to Southbank Worldwide school, dated 13 October 2008

Dear Sir,

I am creating to introduce myself as a candidate for a position as a middle college or higher college social studies instructor at Southbank Worldwide College for the 2009/10 academic year … Bringing the classroom alive is what I consider to be my specific teaching talent and legacy. I also carry a substantial degree of power, enthusiasm and a sense of humour to educating that helps me to involve the college students in our program content material … I actively seek to be involved with students outdoors of the classroom setting. I have coached basketball along with softball and soccer. As an added program, I host a Saturday open gym to give recreational amenities for students, faculty and community members. A single of my particular interests in existence is travel. Each and every yr I have sponsored a cross age travel encounter to another nation in the region to offer pupil participants with a distinctive set of energetic studying experiences that are far outside a normal loved ones getaway.


Bill Vahey

2. Edited email and text exchange among Vahey and Terry Hedger, then Southbank International’s headmaster, soon after he banned Vahey from going on a forthcoming school journey following complaint from a teacher about him moving unwell children into distinct rooms, and a complaint from a parent about inappropriate remarks he produced to a pupil

Hi Terry,

I have had time to reflect on our discussion nowadays. I have moved from my agreeable situation during our discussion although I was still in a state of shock to reach my recent degree of real anger. What you are saying to me, in result, is that I am now a suspect simply because of the following troubles: Very first, I did what I have done for three decades with [title of student] when s/he was a really sick little one last 12 months by [altering the accommodation arrangements] to ensure his/her health and safety. The dad and mom had no problem with my strategy, but that positive health and security determination has left me open to school jokes/remarks/rumours … the proposed current technique would seem to propose that there is certainly an concern if I am concerned with students on a trip and would appear to absolutely justify the one mother or father comment you have obtained. The recent prepare would undoubtedly undermine my reputation and standing in the local community.




Hi Bill,

I fully realize your considerations. My intention is to make sure that your fine track record and standing in the neighborhood are maintained, but we are residing in challenging instances and have to be ultra-cautious.




Hi Terry,

I do enjoy your obvious commitment to my ideal interests here, I just need to have to have a far better thought of exactly where I stand in the large picture as this has genuinely impacted my self-concept.

Numerous thanks,



Text from Hedger to Vahey:

Really don’t be concerned, your self-notion must not be impacted. The dilemma is that some vindictive mothers and fathers have found a way to put unfair strain on the teachers and this is getting an adverse effect on how we need to deal with all situations.

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