David Cameron vows to slash migrants’ rewards – Politics Weekly podcast

New immigrants to Britain will need to wait four years to fully access the welfare state if David Cameron gets his way. On Friday the prime minister laid out his case for limiting benefits to migrants in his latest attempt to take back political territory from Ukip after two damaging byelection results. But would his proposals be allowed under current EU treaties? And would a two-tier system of benefits damage confidence in the welfare state?

Joining Tom Clark this week to discuss it all are Guardian commentators James Ball and Polly Toynbee and our home affairs editor Alan Travis.

Also this week: Scotland would have near total control over income tax if new post-referendum legislation passes. What would it mean for the UK? We hear analysis from our Scotland correspondent Severin Carrell.

Plus: a shot across the bows of England’s rarefied public school system by none other than Labour ‘s expensively educated Tristram Hunt. The shadow education secretary called for the private sector to do more for their communities – or lose some tax breaks.

Listen to the podcast and leave your thoughts below.

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