Greatest training estimates of 2014 – quiz

Lo, can you hear the sounds of 2014? Hark now as Michael Gove sings
glory to the totally free college kings? O small town of Birmingham?

It’s been a huge previous year in training, but rather than trying to round
up all the action in what would be a lengthy tome, we’ve chosen
decision estimates that touch on some of the goings on. All you have to do
is consider a scan of the words of wisdom under and tell us who explained what.

The solutions are at the bottom of the page (no cheating) and do not
overlook to share your results with us in the feedback thread or through


1. The 12 months 2014 was one in which Michael Wilshaw accused headteachers
of blurring the line between friendliness and familiarity. But who set
some company classroom boundaries with this line: “This is not the time
for bantahhh. This is the time for workahh”?

a) Michael Gove
b) Joe Bispham
c) Lily Allen

two. “You have had more contorted positions on free schools than some
Indian sex manuals that I could title.” We adore a tiny political tit
for tat. Who dared to profess knowledge of the kama sutra in the

a) David Cameron
b) Toby Younger

c) Michael Gove

three. “Lab rats have much more specialist privacy.” Who showed a penchant
for analogies when discussing the use of CCTV in colleges?

a) Hugh Grant
b) Chris Keats
Tristram Hunt

4. It was handbags at dawn this yr when one particular MP who enjoyed an elite
schooling attacked another MP for their elite schooling. But who spoke
the classic line, “Cameron has moved on little since his time as a
reduced-lease PR man”?

a) Ed Miliband
b) Boris Johnson
c) Tristram Hunt

five. “It is not rocket science. Young children need to know the guidelines and
teachers need to know they will be supported in enforcing them.”
Straight speaking, maintaining it actual. Who could be so eminently wise
amid the education powers-that-be?

a) David Cameron
Michael Wilshaw
c) Nick Clegg

6. Time to enforce rules then. Who used Game of Thrones spoilers to
quieten a class, saying: “I’ve read all the books. If there is also
significantly noise, I will publish the identify of the dead on the board.”?

a) A maths instructor in Belgium
b ) An English teacher in China
c) Stephen Fry

seven. Complete of oratory and “otions”, who felt moved to generate this line
of Ciceronian wisdom: “Demotion, emotion, promotion, locomotion, I
really do not know how you would describe this move – although move it is.”?

a) Michael Wilshaw
b) Michael Palin
c) Michael Gove

8. “We are really proud of you as you demonstrated large quantities of
commitment and attempted your really greatest for the duration of this tough week. Even so,
we are concerned that these tests do not constantly assess all of what it
is that make each and every of you specific and unique.” Too sort and real for
a politician, which headteacher shot to fame in 2014 with this phrase?

a) Rachel Tomlinson, headteacher of Barrowford principal college
b) Richard Harman, headteacher of Uppingham college
Mike Roden, headteacher of the University of Birmingham school

9. Taking pride in his function about healthier eating in schools, who
stated, “The naysayers about this policy can consume their hats, and all the
leftover sprouts”?

a) Jamie Oliver
b) Nick Clegg

c) Heston Blumenthal

ten. “If there is one factor I’ve discovered over the many years it is that
kindness gets in the way of goodness. Being type to the children is a
camouflage usually for low expectations.” Clearly someone who believes in a difficult strategy, but who explained this?

a) Michael Wilshaw
b) Michael Gove
c) Rory Fox

How effectively did you do? Answers

one. Joe Bispham, an English instructor at Frederick Bremer college in Walthamstow, which featured in Channel 4’s Educating East London
two. Michael Gove, ex-schooling secretary
three. Chris Keates, standard secretary of NASUWT
four. Tristram Hunt, shadow education secretary
5. Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector at Ofsted
6. A maths instructor in Belgium
seven. Michael Gove
eight. Rachel Tomlinson, headteacher of Barrowford principal college
9. Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister
10. Rory Fox, head of Basildon academy in Essex

If you scored …

one-3 – Congratulations, you are now underneath specific measures
4-six – It is “requires improvement” I am afraid
seven-9 – You are officially rated as very good but not satisfactory
ten – Outstanding (but only until finally following year’s quiz)

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