If I had been queen for the day I would send young children into the wilderness

If I were queen, I would send schoolchildren off into the wilds. They need to break out of our cosy world of ease and quick entry to digital everything, and get energetic. I imagine that it would be challenging to match in more time in the national curriculum for sport, exercise and expeditions. But I’m queen, proper? So my rules apply.

I would level sceptics to the unique meaning of the word “school”. It comes from the Greek word schole, which doesn’t suggest “years sitting in enclosed spaces preparing for exams”. It signifies “leisure”: the time men and women devote on locating out new issues, possessing the freedom to get out and understand about themselves.

Dad and mom will have to believe in the royal decree, and be prepared to pack their young children off with a kiss and a bag of essentials (mobile phones are not allowed). I’m not a parent myself, but I imagine that most dad and mom want their children to be satisfied, independent and sturdy, which may well imply batting away any instant threats to their security. But they will also recognise the importance of experiences that are character building – at least, that is what my mother and father attempted to instil in me.

I invested a month of my school holiday a single yr on a Globe Challenge journey, trekking across the Mexican desert, climbing to the leading of a volcano, selecting our way through Guatemalan jungle. We invested time residing in a village in the middle of nowhere, assisting to redecorate the regional college and getting to know how the locals lived.

I discovered a great deal about leadership from my journey, which includes how to locate drive, and the importance of working as component of a staff. Travelling provides you a diverse perspective on what you have, what is useful, what’s not. It can also educate you to adhere to your personal path, consider a handful of dangers, and be ready for whatever may well be around the following corner.

This could sound exotic and a bit risky – but it isn’t really. An organised expedition implies gaining a new point of view, finding out to be self-reliant with some boundaries, and the importance of getting a security net somewhere out of sight.

I wouldn’t be a scary, dictatorial queen about it nor would children would be given a free rein. Just an atlas, a price range, and the freedom to explore.

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