Maths pupil thanks her degree tutor for providing her self confidence

Elaine Hill’s selection to commence an Open University (OU) degree in mathematics was a massive step. At 18, regardless of getting very good final results in her Scottish Highers, she hadn’t felt ready to go to university, and as an alternative commenced perform in a financial institution. Elaine, now 45, frequently believed about taking an OU program, but initial a promotion and then having her two kids meant she did not believe there was sufficient time for research.

Last yr she took the plunge, and as she starts her second 12 months, she needs to say thank you to OU tutor Felicity Bryers, who boosted her self confidence and showed her what she was capable of. At very first Elaine wasn’t confident that she’d be ready to cope: “I had zero self-confidence. I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do it, that I wasn’t capable since I hadn’t gone to university.”

But from the outset, Elaine felt she was in very good hands: “Felicity is really great at explaining items in a basic method, but without having being patronising. She was there for me when I was worried that university work may take time away from my children. Felicity usually stated the proper thing – that they would be proud of me, and she was appropriate.”

Felicity has worked for the OU for 18 years and, like other OU tutors, delivers both face-to-encounter tutorials and on the web tutorials, exactly where college students can annotate a shared whiteboard and request inquiries of the tutor. Elaine has found the two kinds invaluable: “I would go to tutorials in Glasgow with Felicity and the volume of info that I would take in was completely brilliant.”

The experience has been surprisingly social, she says: “I anticipated that I’d be on my very own, but I’ve by no means felt that way at any point, even however I’m rarely in a classroom predicament. The on-line tutorials maintain me in touch you know that if you’ve acquired a problem, you have got assist from people who are learning along with you and your tutors.”

Felicity says that self-confidence is often a problem when college students start an OU degree. Since no formal qualifications are required, students come from a wide range of backgrounds – from these who have never studied beyond school to individuals with PhDs. Felicity’s students have ranged in age from youngsters to those in their 80s, and have included men and women in prison and individuals travelling the globe with their work. She helps to foster their self-belief: “Watching self-confidence increase is just incredible, and they often  move in that first 12 months from being unhappy about their personal capabilities to getting to be absolutely assured, independent learners.”

She has been notably impressed with what Elaine has attained in her first 12 months: “Elaine has completed truly well, and worked very tough. She proved that she was a leading-class student.”

Regardless of Elaine’s first reservations, she obtained one hundred% on her initial assignment, and is now approaching her second 12 months with enthusiasm: “In the starting I wasn’t very certain what I could do, but it turns out, even when I was obtaining doubts, that I could do it all.”

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