Motherlode Website: Pregnant? Working? A New Resource for Understanding Your Rights.

This Friday, Oct. 31, may mark the 36th anniversary of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. But discrimination in the workplace based mostly on pregnancy and loved ones status hasn’t ended, and the victims of that discrimination frequently really do not know their rights, or exactly where to turn if they think individuals rights have been violated. When Angelica Valencia’s medical doctor said “no overtime” for her in the course of her pregnancy, her employer, in spite of a note from that medical professional, explained no occupation.

In New York City, underneath the Pregnant Employees Fairness Act, employers need to accommodate reasonable requests, and must also inform staff of their rights below the statute. Ms. Valencia’s employer did neither. It wasn’t till she sought legal advice (and her story was covered in the New York Times’ This Functioning Lifestyle column) that she was reinstated in the task she so badly requirements to preserve her soon-to-be-bigger family members afloat.

For girls all over the place, the laws surrounding pregnancy discrimination can be complicated. The specifics vary by state and locality (the accommodation required in New York City is not necessary all over the place), and number of ladies want to know them right up until they genuinely want to know them.

That is why A Better Balance, a legal advocacy group and authority on work-loved ones policy, has just commenced The site breaks down pregnancy and parenting laws in an straightforward-to-use, state-by-state guide, answering questions like “can you get fired for morning sickness?” and “are you legally entitled to a break so you can pump breast milk?” It also gives a telephone variety for residents of New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama or Mississippi to call for free of charge guidance and counseling (and resources in other states).

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