Nübi Toy Impresses DevelopHer, Teaches Programming


Move above Barbie – girls have a new toy that does far more then just dress in pink outfits and shiny accessories. Nübi, a toy prototype will help women (and boys) understand basic programming capabilities.

Nübi was named a single of the winners of the DevelopHer challenge at the Chicago Toy &amp Game Honest. The design and style competition targeted on women from ages three to twelve in STEM finding out, reports Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan for Toyland.

The toy comes from a company referred to as Slice of Lime. The CEO Kevin Menzie descirbes Nübi as an alien who just arrived on Earth and who needs to be taught every little thing about colours, music, weather, or any other subject.

Nübi is outfitted with an RFID chip, speaker, and radio transmitter that permits her to communicate. She also has movement detectors and both temperature and light sensors in buy for her to discover about and react to her setting. Kids are ready to speak to Nübi with an Arduino-controlled RFID reader in the form of a flower wand.

The “words” they use to communicate take the kind of circular cards with items like colours and musical notes. Let’s say you want to educate Nübi about colour. You press the wand against a colour card, then touch it to Nübi’s flower. An LED in its stomach glows with the colour you chose. If you tap the wand on two colours in succession, Nübi will glow with the color they make when they’re mixed.

Nübi is capable of learning far more complicated ideas as nicely. Cards let children to produce “if, then” statements, and by employing these IFTTT recipe cards, children can program Nübi to do a lot of different actions.

By means of the use of the flower wand and 4 varieties of  Nübicards, Nübi learns about the planet. The 4 types of cards contain System Nübicards, Sense Nübicards, Action Nübicards, and Game Nübicards.

Nübi also comes with an activity book that walks youngsters through programming standard colour capabilities all the way to shade concept, music concept and programming, what little ones educate Nübi is only constrained to their imagination.

The toy does not include a video display of any kind or any other electronics, which was a aim of the creators.

Slice of Lime is a UX Style agency targeted on the linked device area. We’re also a bunch of mother and father with youthful women that would adore to see new toys that motivate understanding and perform without the use of TVs, iPads, and iPhones.

Slice of Lime has partnered with Kidrobot in order to make Nübi a reality.

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