Pupil Protests in Berkeley Flip Violent


Peaceful protests in Berkeley, California over the police killings of black males have turned violent as a group vandalized police autos and shops, such as the The Pupil Keep, which carries apparel and gifts connected to UC Berkeley.

The events turned violent on the 2nd consecutive evening that protesters marched above the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York and the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to nearby police reports, the 300-400 protesters had moved towards downtown Berkeley from the Oakland border, destroying California patrol autos and storefronts as they went.  The media reported 8 folks having been arrested.

As a outcome of the protests, the downtown Berkeley BART station was temporarily shut down.

While downtown returned to calm as the protesters returned to the UC Berkeley campus, they left behind them harm and confrontations, each with police and a separate group of protestors who have been attempting to avert vandalism.

Teargas, flash bang grenades and rubber bullets were employed by members of the police force on protesters who refused to depart Highway 24, forcing the closure of the street in between Berkeley and the eastern suburbs of Walnut Creek for 45 minutes.

Reviews of injuries at the hands of police are starting to emerge from the scenes of the protest.  Police are adamant that the protesters had turned violent and their handling of the circumstance was referred to as for.

Some protesters set fire to trash cans and threw objects at storefront windows, looting some of the merchants in the approach.  While two cellphone stores were damaged and two bank fronts vandalized, The Student Store faired only somewhat far better, getting two of its windows cracked.

Meanwhile, separate groupings of protesters shouted at the violent groups, in an effort to remind them to maintain the peace and carry on walking.  Groups of protesters linked arms to keep the violence and looters away from rows of school shops near the campus.

“You know what, it was peaceful except a handful of dozen people who acquired out of control,” said Sasha Futran, a 30-12 months resident of Delaware Street, two blocks from where police and protesters clashed Saturday evening. “A very tiny percentage ruined it for everyone.”

Protests are taking area across the country in a variety of cities, like Philadelphia, Chicago and Las Vegas.  Protesters took part in a mock “die-in” at Grand Central Station in New York in addition to protests taking spot inside stores in Times Square.  There had been no reports of arrests.

In Seattle nevertheless, protesters met at the police headquarters, resulting in some of the protesters throwing rocks at police.  Seven protesters were arrested right after the incident.

Protesters in Portland, Oregon had been more peaceful, marching into the Justice Center creating shouting “Justice.”  The group moved on to a purchasing mall, shifting the chants to ““Don’t shoot” and “Black lives matter.”

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