Rosetta mission: sources to support you educate kids about space and comets

Scientists in the Rosetta mission manufactured space historical past this week by safely landing a robotic spacecraft on a comet.

Philae was launched from its mothership Rosetta on Wednesday morning and landed on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko shortly soon after 4pm GMT, obtaining travelled much more than six billion kilometres.

The aim of the £1bn ($ 1.58bn) mission is to check out the mysteries of comets, which are created from supplies that predate the solar method. By analysing the comet, scientists hope to find out more of how the solar program formed and how comets aided planets turn into able to assistance existence.

This fascinating breakthrough is a perfect chance for teachers to explore room, comets and the solar technique with college students. Here’s our round up of valuable content articles and resources:

From the Guardian

Rosetta comet landing: almost everything you need to know

This is a truly useful compilation of 6 essential issues you want to know about the Rosetta mission, including how the findings will ascertain whether planets created the Earth blue and the size of 67P in relation to Manhattan, New York.

Rosetta mission: Philae’s landing website on comet 67P – in photographs

Soon after the lander’s dramatic descent on Wednesday, the European Room Company, which ran the mission, has launched photographs of its journey to the comet and exactly where it very first touched down prior to bouncing

Rosetta mission: Philae’s new property on Comet 67P – interactive graphic

The photographs of the comet are not the clearest pictures. Students can click on different components of this interactive to find explainers of what they’re seeing.

European Space Agency releases animation of probe’s landing on comet – video

This building of the landing was released ahead of Philae was released from Rosetta for its successful mission. But it’s a helpful way to present college students precisely how scientists landed the robotic probe on the comet.

Rosetta mission: behind the scenes of a historic landing

Pique students’ curiosity with this insight into mission manage. The report consists of a great graphic of the landing sequence and some useful explainers about the two hitches in the mission when a nitrogen thruster, intended to fire on touchdown to stop the lander from bouncing off the surface, failed to react to signals from earth and when the lander initially ricocheted off the comet.

Resources from the Guardian Teacher Network

Planets of the solar technique wall chart

Appropriate for all ages this poster will assist your class to identify the planets in the solar technique as effectively as their size and orbits relative to the earth.

Area colouring sheet

Ask younger pupils to colour in the planets and astronauts on this sheet. A lovely way to make a display border.

What is a comet? – comprehension exercise

This resource is made for essential stage 2 students and has some fascinating details about comets this kind of as what they’re manufactured of and where they come from. There is a handy quiz at the finish to support you assess what pupils have discovered.

Maintaining it cool

People behind the Rosetta mission want to learn what occurs to comets when they go close to the sun. This resource for secondary college students explores how scientists preserve satellite’s complicated circuits amazing.


Assist your key stage three college students find out about satellites and their function with this article and animation.

Greatest of the world wide web

67P sings

As Rosetta neared the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko scientists were stunned to locate that their instruments were recording sound, in spite of the reality that space is a vacuum. This post explains the discovery and has an embedded recording of the comet’s song.

European Space Company(ESA) pictures

There are a lot of photos about the mission available to download right here from the ESA.

Landing On a Comet – Worlds Very first

This 15-minute movie explains the whole mission. It was produced prior to the profitable landing and involves a greal lego model that is employed to demonstrate various elements of the mission. You could need to excuse the background music.

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