Students: tell us about your worst Christmas occupation – open thread

As Christmas approaches, several college students choose to take on temporary jobs. The festive season can be expensive, and those wanting to increase a number of additional quid cannot constantly be as picky as they like.

It may possibly be flogging goods in a department retailer or seeking right after a pack of reindeer dressed as an elf. Or even currently being repeatedly fired at with paintballs as a “human bullet influence tester”.

Not every Christmas job demands green tights or a Santa suit, even though. The retail sector opens up huge numbers of additional roles to cope with demand and even the grimiest pubs and bars want extra pairs of hands in the course of what is their busiest time of year.

We want to hear about the worst task you’ve ever carried out at Christmas. Have you ever completed a occupation that turned out to be even worse than anticipated? Or probably one that sounded terrible, but turned out ok in the end?

And how are you preparing to earn money this yr? Do you have any humiliating shifts coming up in excess of the next handful of weeks? Or will you be paying hrs on finish underneath the fluorescent lights of a soul-destroying workplace? Share your experiences in the comments area below.

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