TD Master Brenzel to phase down

Just a single 12 months following welcoming a new dean, Timothy Dwight students will be working with a new master starting in fall 2015.
TD Master Jeffrey Brenzel announced in an e-mail Friday morning that he will not seek out to renew his appointment following his fifth year as master and will phase down at the finish of June. Brenzel —who served as Dean of Undergraduate Admissions from 2005 to 2013 — wrote that his 18 years of service as a senior administrator have been the two compelling and demanding. Even though acknowledging that stepping down was a really hard decision, Brenzel additional that he feels ready to move away from the responsibilities of the position to target on numerous projects, both skilled and individual, that he had delayed for a number of years.
“I love TD, our local community lifestyle right here and the privilege of serving as your Master,” Brenzel wrote in the Friday e mail. “These are products of a type that I am most reluctant to surrender.”
A search committee consisting of TD community members will get started the search for Brenzel’s successor later on this semester, in accordance to an email sent by Dean of Yale College Jonathan Holloway to the faculty Friday morning. Holloway extra that Brenzel has stated that he looks forward to adopting a reduced profile on campus in buy to far better dedicate his time to other interests, also asking his colleagues to join him in recognizing the master’s practically two decades of focused support to Yale.
In his e-mail, Brenzel did not specify whether or not he plans to continue to be at Yale after this 12 months. Bob Kennedy ’75, TD’s Operations Manager, mentioned Brenzel is considering many choices and aims to make a determination about his future plans by January.
Although Brenzel will certainly stage away from his administrative duties, Kennedy explained he thinks Brenzel would prefer to continue to be affiliated with Yale in some capacity.
“It would have to be a pretty great provide to pull him away one hundred% from New Haven and from Yale,” Kennedy said.
In his e mail to college students, Brenzell quoted Andrew Marvell’s poem “To his Coy Mistress,” creating that he has “been feeling keenly the reality of ‘time’s chariot hurrying near.’”
Kennedy said he and Brenzel have discussed this poetic line a lot of times in recent years, and that even though Brenzel genuinely loves TD and Yale, as he gets older, he desires to target on some projects that he has put on hold while serving as an administrator.
Numerous of Brenzel’s other colleagues lauded the perform he has done as an administrator.
“I have the utmost regard for Master Brenzel,” Pierson School Master Stephen Davis wrote in a Friday e-mail. “His wisdom and leadership have had a tremendously constructive influence in the Council of Masters and I personally have learned so considerably from the peaceable, profoundly just, and heartfelt way he inhabits his function.”
Davenport School Master Richard Schottenfeld stated that growing diversity among Yale University students was one of Brenzel’s most excellent achievements, noting that his efforts in direction of this goal started throughout his tenure as Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and continued during his time as TD master.  He extra that while he will miss Brenzel’s voice in discussions amid the masters, he is also thrilled to get to know and perform with whoever is chosen to be the subsequent TD master.
Kennedy noted Brenzel’s incredible inclusivity, explaining that, to his delight, the Master had made a point of inviting him to TD Mellon Senior Forum to hear seniors current on their projects. This yr on Halloween, Kennedy said the two of them drove to a pumpkin farm, bringing back 75 pumpkins for TD college students to decorate, following which Brenzel led a Halloween costume contest in the course of dinner.
five TD students interviewed expressed sadness at his selection to step down, as Brenzel had successfully fostered strong bonds inside the school during his phrase.
“[Brenzel] generates such a neighborhood,” mentioned Amelia Nierenberg ’18. “He’s my university dad.”
Payal Modi ’17 recalled meeting Brenzel when she very first entered TD, incorporating that he has created the university really feel “homey” to her ever since.
Vanessa Ague ’17 said she will miss Brenzel’s tireless efforts to generate a community inside TD, citing examples like music nights and his perform to fix the buttery. She additional that she does not believe any other master would have worked so challenging to improve TD.
Abdul-Razak Zachariah ’17, a TD Master’s Aide, said that while he understands Brenzel’s selection, he is disappointed that he will not knowledge constant leadership in TD for the duration of his four years there.
Another Master’s Aide, Audrey DeVaughn ‘17,  said Brenzel did whatever it took to win the Tyng Cup for TD. She added that she will miss such a excellent master.
In addition to his function as TD master, Brenzel teaches Philosophy in the Directed Research Plan and a lecture class called “Catholic Intellectual Tradition.”
Carolyn Hansen ‘16, who is enrolled in Brenzel’s class, mentioned she has enjoyed studying from him.
“He’s extremely effectively study and a caring guy,” Hansen said. “He not too long ago stayed right after section for an hour to talk. He loves history and he loves educating.”
Juan Pablo Gonzalez ’17, one of Brenzel’s sophomore advisees, mentioned Brenzel was a fantastic instructor in DS Philosophy last spring. Brenzel created the readings truly feel relatable making use of personalized anecdotes, Gonzalez extra, and was always accessible to meet with his students.
Michael Tappel ’17, who also has Brenzel as his advisor and took his DS philosophy class last spring, echoed these sentiments.
“He has a profound gift for making arcane texts come alive and truly feel extremely pertinent,” Tappel stated. “But his largest power as a professor is his power as a person.”
Brenzel initially hails from Louisville, Kentucky.

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