The Learning Network: six Q’s About the News | Monitoring Sea Turtles as They Swim for Their Lives

6 Q’s About the News

Go through the article and solution the information inquiries under.

Watch the video above and study the report “Tracking Sea Turtles as They Swim for Their Lives” to reply the queries below.

HOW are scientists now tracking the journey of some infant sea turtles on their very first swims out to sea?

WHAT is a nano-tag?

Where did scientists attach them to 11 hatchlings?

HOW far did the turtles swim to reach the open ocean?

HOW a lot of survived?

WHY did these scientists track the hatchlings?

In which did they check hatchling conduct just before this, and WHAT did they learn?

WHAT conclusions does the paragraph about the experiment with loggerhead hatchlings in a Florida pool suggest about turtle behavior?

For Higher-Order Thinking

WHEN have you ever closely observed an animal’s conduct? WHAT did you discover, and WHAT conclusions did you draw?

WHAT animal behavior would you be interested in learning about, and HOW may well you style an experiment to do so?

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