The London School of Economics: why is it the ideal uni for nightlife?

Age: 119.

Visual appeal: Hungover.

Hungover? Definitely you suggest “fatigued after a extended night arguing about the rebuilding of submit-colonial economies and the thrashing out of difficulties inherent in perceiving homo economicus as an entirely rational getting? No.

Is the dismal science driving them to drink? Not precisely. The LSE has just taken first spot in a survey of United kingdom universities as the location with the ideal nightlife – the initial London one particular ever to do so.

But London’s got everything! Not for students – northern and Scottish universities have traditionally loved the greatest reputations as party spots that control to match in a tiny tertiary training on the side. Mainly because the price of a round doesn’t triple your pupil loan like it does in London.

But the LSE! Founded by Sidney and Beatrice Webb on sober, Fabian rules committed to socialist reform, producer of a quarter of the world’s Nobel prize winners in economics, alma mater of Karl Popper, Ed Miliband and Mick Jagger! I know, it’s – wait. Mick Jagger?

He didn’t graduate. Nicely, maybe he would have if the nightlife had been far better.

Perhaps LSE nightlife is specifically well-suited to its college students. Perhaps it implies waltzing with every other after a challenging day’s studying of command economies, to the strains of “I’ve danced with a guy who’s danced with a girl who’s danced with a former policy advisor to Ed Miliband”? I admire your optimism.

Or perhaps they’re so depressed by the economic downturn, lack of skilled jobs for these with increased qualifications and their £27,000+ debts, they’re downing equipment in favour of nights of hedonistic abandon? That is more like it.

I bet Sir Howard Davies is kicking himself – if the LSE had taken that £1.5m from the Gaddafi clan now, he could have passed it off as a student bar bill and not had to resign. Let’s not rake up that unpleasantness – it was 3 years in the past.

Homo economicus-with-the-truth-somewhere-along-the-line’s all I’m saying. Hush now. Hush.

Do say: I came for the capsules – I stayed for the initial-class lectures and access to world-foremost study programmes!

Really do not say: All best jobs nonetheless going to piss–poor Oxbridge grads.

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