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deadlock •ˈded-ˌläk• noun

: a predicament in which no progress can be created or no advancement is achievable

The word deadlock has appeared in 175 New York Instances articles or blog posts in the previous yr, including on Sept. 28 in “Air France Pilots Lengthen Strike Right after Request for Mediation Is Denied” by Nicola Clark:

“We are at an impasse,” Vincent Fournier, a spokesman for the French National Union of Airline Pilots, which represents nearly three-quarters of Air France pilots, explained on Saturday. Mr. Fournier mentioned pilots had been “stunned” by the government’s refusal to intervene. With no talks planned for the duration of the weekend, he said, union members voted to lengthen their walkout until finally at least Tuesday.

Late on Friday, the pilots referred to as for an independent mediator to aid break the deadlock following Air France-KLM, the airline’s French-Dutch parent organization, said it would scale back the growth of its low-price subsidiary, Transavia, in France and the Netherlands. But the business held firm that Transavia pilots would operate below a separate contract, rejecting a demand by the union for uniform working problems and pay out scales.

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