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Stygian •ˈsti-j(ē-)ən• adjective

1. dark and dismal as of the river Styx in Hades
2. dark and gloomy
3. hellish

The word Stygian has appeared in eight New York Times articles in the previous yr, like on Feb. 14 in “How Absolute Energy Can Delight Absolutely” by Alessandra Stanley:

“House of Cards” might nicely be the most joyless demonstrate on tv.

Colours are so washed-out that the closest thing to brightness in all that gray, taupe and black is an orange Submit-it note. There is no laughter, not even the forced bonhomie that actual politicians trade in cloakrooms and on cable news talk shows. This Netflix series is far more cynical than “The Americans” on FX and a lot more pessimistic about human nature than “The Strolling Dead” on AMC.

Yet it is difficult not to truly feel giddy delight at the initial sight of individuals emblematic clouds rolling across the landscape of the nation’s capital and plunging the city into a Stygian gloom.

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