The Understanding Network: six Q’s About the News | Bumgarner, a Three-Ring Master, Prospects San Francisco to Its Third Title in 5 Seasons

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6 Q’s About the News

Study the write-up and response the information inquiries beneath.

In “Bumgarner, a 3-Ring Master, Leads San Francisco to Its Third Title in Five Seasons,” David Waldstein writes about Game seven of the Globe Series.

HOW a lot of instances have the San Francisco Giants won the Planet Series in the last 5 years?

In which was Game seven played?

WHEN was the last time a group won a Series Game 7 on the street?

WHO was named most worthwhile player of the World Series? WHY?

WHAT took place in the bottom of the ninth inning?

HOW did the Royals try to “conjure the spirit” of their only other championship all through the evening?

WHAT two other teams are ahead of the Giants in terms of wins in World Series video games?

WHY do you consider this report ends with the line, “Now that is a dynasty”?

For Greater-Buy Considering

DId you watch the Planet Series this 12 months? WHY or WHY not?

In Series Is On, and Everybody’s Viewing … Football, an write-up written just right after Game one, the Times reported that this was the lowest-rated Game one on record. A lot more individuals, in fact, have been watching “The Huge Bang” than baseball.

WHY do you consider that is? Is it the rise of the N.F.L.? The several other viewing choices we all now have by way of cable and streaming services? One thing else?

HOW much do you care about baseball?

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