The Understanding Network: six Q’s About the News | The Chocolate Candy in the Halloween Trick-or-Deal with Bag

six Q’s About the News

Study the write-up and solution the information queries under.

Watch the video over and go through the post “The Chocolate Candy in the Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag” to reply the inquiries under.

HOW higher had been chocolate candy revenue final Halloween?

By HOW much did they improve from the earlier 12 months?

HOW big is the American industry for chocolate?

WHAT ingredient gives chocolate its richness?

WHAT are some of the new flavors that chocolate firms are experimenting with?

WHAT is the smorgasbord result?

WHY are range packs this kind of an powerful enterprise strategy?

WHEN did Kellogg’s introduce a single of the earliest manifestations of the range pack, a bundle of different mini cereal boxes?

For Increased-Purchase Considering

Do you eat much more chocolate candy in the course of the Halloween season? Do you consider you consume also significantly? WHY?

WHAT is your favourite chocolate candy? WHAT do you like about it?

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