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orthodox •ˈȯr-thə-ˌdäks• adjective

: adhering to what is typically accepted

The word orthodox has appeared in 460 New York Occasions content articles in the past year, such as on March 23 in “The Historical Gets Personal” by Elizabeth Jensen:

The last large PBS series chronicling the international background of the Jews was the 9-hour “Heritage: Civilization and the Jews” in 1984. In that series, the host Abba Eban, an Israeli diplomat and politician who died in 2002, viewed his topic via the Jews’ romantic relationship to land. Mr. Schama, calling himself “much less fixated on the physical house,” organized his series about the function of story. That story, he says in the program’s opening moments, “made me want to be a historian in the initial location.”

… Most surprising, he mentioned, was the discovery that photographs and what a single viewer called a “bracing visual creativity” played a central role in Jewish history. Highlighting those themes, he stated, was component of the educational role he envisioned for the series: “All that is obtainable to you with out you getting to be tightly locked in a ferociously orthodox planet or losing your Jewish identity completely in the rest of the culture.”

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