three NY Colleges to End Asking About Arrest Record on Apps


Three New York State schools have determined to drop a question pertaining to students’ criminal data from their applications.

The schools contain St. John’s University, 5 Towns College, and Dowling School.  A overview from state Attorney Common Eric T. Schneiderman found the three were looking into the criminal background of applicants by means of broad inquiries, writes Andy Thomason for The Chronicle, asking students to report ever obtaining been “arrested or detained,” but not asking for additional data as to whether those arrests ever led to convictions.

The assessment started following the Lawyer General’s Civil Rights Bureau acquired details from the Center for Local community Options about the application at St. John’s.  Suspicions arose concerning the unequal arrests by the police by race, which therefore put minority applicants at an unfair disadvantage.

“An arrest or police stop that did not outcome in a conviction, or a criminal record that was sealed or expunged, ought to not – without a doubt have to not – be a common question on a college application. This kind of a query can serve only to discourage New Yorkers from searching for a higher schooling,” Attorney Basic Schneiderman said. “To the contrary, we need to have to supply opportunities to everyone in search of to greater their futures. My workplace will perform to make certain that all candidates receive honest treatment method when applying to a university, a university, or for a job.”

In an agreement with the state, the schools will end asking potential college students about irrelevant info regarding the criminal justice system, such as arrests that did not end in convictions and sealed, expunged or pardoned records.

They now may possibly only discard applicants if their conviction “indicates that the person poses a risk to public security or home, or if the convictions are appropriate to some facet of the academic program or student responsibilities.”

Found in New York City, St. John’s is a Roman Catholic, private, co-ed university enrolling in excess of 20,000 college students.  Dowling College is a private institution with 3 Long Island campuses.  Located in Dix Hills, Long Island, Five Towns University is a for-profit college.

Pupil groups across the nation are angry with the scenario, as some say too numerous queries are currently being asked, other individuals say there is not adequate, reports Within Greater Ed.

The Typical Application hopes to change all that by asking: “Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? Note that you are not needed to reply ‘yes’ to this query, or supply an explanation, if the criminal adjudication or conviction has been expunged, sealed, annulled, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise ordered by a court to be stored confidential.”

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