#Uglygirlsclub: student feminists take to Twitter to hit back at critics

If you are a student feminist underneath fire, what’s the best way to deal with your critics?

When students in the feminist society at Royal Holloway University overheard an individual refer to them as the “ugly ladies club” at a pupil union event, they reclaimed the phrase as their own.

They changed their title to the “ugly girls club” on Facebook, writing “we are more than our appearance and so are you”. Then they took to Twitter to demonstrate just how ugly they could be.

What began as a joke quickly turned into a campaign, with students from other universities joining in and posting their personal unsightly selfies. Natasha Barrett, who is in the society, has said the message behind it is “incredibly positive”.

Want to join the club? Use the hashtag #uglygirlsclub and see if you can beat these:

Natasha Barrett, who is in the society, has informed Buzzfeed: “Initially we located it quite humorous and have been sending tongue-in-cheek selfies with the hashtag amid ourselves, but then a few existing and graduate members of the society joined in.

“We imagined in spite of the irony of the selfies the message was amazingly optimistic and related so portrayed it as a small campaign, with no concept it would develop to the extent it has.”

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